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Kurs Online: Cultural Intelligence in AI

Developing Culturally Intelligent Professionals: Preparing for Success in an AI-Powered World
Anuradha Prathap

Dr Anuradha Prathap

  • Bias in AI has been cited by several studies, especially in the Health care and law enforcement sector. As newerdigital technologies and products are introduced in themarket everyday, algorithmic bias presents an ever growing concern.
  • In an effort to make ethical and human centric AI that is trustworthy, it is important to address the inherited bias embedded in AI that affects, besides other aspects, its decision making. Such AI products may contribute to discriminatory and unethical practices.
  • AI inherits the cultural intelligence of its creator (individual and/ development team). In order to create culturally intelligent AI, orgarnizations need to foster cultural competence in their IT workforce.
  • This workshop/course is designed with the vision to overcome algorithmic and cultural biases to create more inclusive technology and work enviornment by cultivating cultural intelligence. Participants will acquire a professional skill that will be an asset in their roles in IT. 

The workshop has been organized in 5 sessions

  • Algorithmic Bias and AI/Digital Ethics: Examples from healthcare, law enforcement and social justice. 
  • Cultural Intelligence: Concept and Components of CI
  • Cultural Quotient: Testing your CQ
  • Cultural intelligence Profiles: What does your CIprofile look like and how does it affect your work?
  • Cultivating Cultural Intelligence: Step-wise skill building session in CI



Basic understanding in IT. 

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