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Kurs Online:Data Protection for Machine Learning and AI

Skill up your data protection know and smoothen your projects!
Stefanie Wojak

Stefanie Wojak LLM, CIPP/E

If you are interested in new technologies or are you programming tools for your clients with machine learning technologies or artificial intelligence? What can result in show-stopper for your projects? This might probably be data protection, but what are the reasons for that and how can you avoid running a one-way street? This course focuses on data protection essentials and key points which help you navigate through the legal sphere. 

You will learn about the basic points on data protection and those apply to project reflecting automated decision-making technologies such as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. In addition, we focus on the major areas of interest for authorities such as transparency and integrity of systems. 



You do not need to have any legal decree or previous data protection knowledge. 

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Dieser Kurs ist teil folgender Kurs-Module:

Modul: Data Analytics and Machine Learning