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Kurs Internet in Central Asia

Internet and Information society development in Central Asia
Shahnoza Bekbulaeva

Shahnoza Bekbulaeva

The course gives an overview of current internet development and issues in Central Asia. It is a big region with 66 million of people overall and consists of 5 republics of the former Soviet Union.

After completion of this course, the students will be able to:

*Outline the localised business strategies in online social networks in the context of Central Asia

*Compare/contrast specific online platforms and applications that are popular in the region

*Identify opportunities for future IT development: potential business niches

*Describe how internet censorship was employed: official and unofficial regulations

The course will be provided in the form of interactive lecture (group activity on online platforms/apps analysis, internet censorship case study). The course will be interesting for future professionals planning to work in international projects.





No specific previous knowledge required. Course will be provided in English.

Men are welcome to join this course!



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