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Kurs Online: Medical Visualization

Selected Chapters from Medical Visualization
Renata Georgia Raidou

Asst.Prof.Dr. Renata Georgia Raidou

Objective of the course

This course is an introduction to medical data visualization, with emphasis on its applicability to specific clinical and medical problems. During the course we will focus on the design, proposal and implementation of visualization solutions to resolve concrete visualization problems for a given clinical application domain and data source (imaging and EHR data). This course has a duration of 2.5 days (15 hours). After successful completion of the course, students are able to understand basic methods concerning the visualization of medical data. These techniques encompass reconstruction, segmentation, surface rendering, volume rendering, interaction.


Learning outcomes

The learning goals of this course are:

1. To understand the theory, principles and methods of medical data visualization, the context within which they are used, and their applicability to specific problems.

2. To design, propose and implement visualization solutions to resolve a concrete medical visualization problem for a given clinical application domain and data source.

3. To provide an introduction to novel techniques in visualization derived from the domain of visual analytics.



Contents of the Lectures (15 hours)

·       Introduction to Medical Visualization (1 hour)

·       Data Acquisition (2 hours)

·       Data Enrichment (2 hours)

·       Segmentation and Registration (2 hours)

·       Surface Visualization (2 hours)

·       Volumetric Visualization (2 hours)

·       Visualization of Abstract Medical Data (2 hours)

·       Visual Analytics for Medical Applications (2 hour)



Small quizzes at the beginning of each course day on the material that was given in the previous day with practical questions. 



The course is given in English. 

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